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How It Works:
As a dealer, you would purchase our products in bulk to resell by marketing our systems on your website or other medium. You can purchase any teeth whitening kit directly from us at a highly discounted rate and resell to consumers for anywhere between $70-129 depending on your target consumers.  Other benefits from becoming a dealer include:
•  Dentists charge $700 - you charge $99 or more if you'd like
•  Earn upwards of 200% per system sold
•  Work part-time with full-time profit potentials
•  Start small - expand as you grow
•  Low start-up
•  No Franchise Fees
•  No Royalties
•  No Territory Restrictions
•  Proven Marketing Strategies
• Free Support
•  Deal directly with our dental laboratory

Our Know How = Your Success
We will show you how to generate sales, provide you with all the product knowledge you will need including brochures and other marketing materials, and how to properly invoice. You will be paid for sales that are made directly online through your efforts. We look forward to partnering with you to grow our mutual profits. Our program is professionally run and we are pleased to work with you on any special requests you may have. Check out our customer testimonial page to see what so many of our customers have to say about our products.