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Teeth Whitening Gel | Carbamide Peroxide | Teeth Bleaching

Teeth Whitening Gel from ProWhite Teeth is Guaranteed to Provide Impressive Results

Teeth Whitening GelIf you’re searching for safe and effective teeth whitening gel, you can turn to the dental professionals at ProWhite Teeth for help. We are a leading manufacturer of professional-strength teeth whitening systems and since 2003, we’ve helped customers all over the United States in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, and many more achieve beautiful smiles.

When you order tubes of our teeth whitening gel on their own, or as part of a complete tooth whitening kit, we’ll ship everything directly to your door. This means you’ll enjoy a comfortable, at-home whitening experience, whether you live in Atlanta, Birmingham, San Diego, Chicago, or any other city in the nation. Our products will provide you with a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Avoiding dentist fees – Teeth bleaching at your dentist’s office can not only cost upwards of $400, but can also take time out of your busy schedule. With our products, you can skip the visit to the dentist for whitening, saving you time and money.
  • The ability to choose from varying gel strengths – At a maximum 10 percent strength, that you get from over-the-counter whitening toothpastes and whitening strips aren’t powerful enough to yield impressive results. Our carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel products come in three strengths: 22, 35, and 44 percent. The higher the strength gel you choose, the faster you’ll see results.

You can order our effective teeth whitening gel on its own, but purchasing a professional teeth whitening kit will supply you with everything you need to get a beautiful smile. Kits include four 3mL tubes of whitening gel, teeth impression materials, and detailed instructions. Return your teeth impressions to our professional dental laboratory in the enclosed pre-paid envelope. Our certified lab technicians will manufacture your custom-fit whitening trays and mail them back to you. Your kit will also include three free temporary whitening trays that you can use while you wait for your custom trays to arrive. And, if you are in any way unsatisfied with our products, simply return your purchased items within 30 days for a full refund.

To learn more about our professional teeth whitening gel and kits, contact ProWhite Teeth today. We are proud to serve customers in Houston, Boston, Miami, Austin, and all other areas throughout the U.S.