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Teeth Whitening Kit | At Home Teeth Whitening | Gels & Custom Trays

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Teeth Whitening KitIf you’ve ever considered buying a teeth whitening kit, you’ve likely come across many varieties. From not-so-effective over-the-counter products to the expensive whitening procedures performed at your dentist’s office, there are many options to choose from. But why waste time and money at the dentist’s office or buy products that won’t give you the results you desire? The professionals at ProWhite Teeth have developed a highly effective whitening system that rivals those available from your dentist, but that you can complete in the comfort of your own home in New York, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, or any other location in the U.S.

Whether you want a dazzling smile for your upcoming wedding in Atlanta or a job interview in Birmingham, using a teeth whitening kit from ProWhite Teeth will help brighten and whiten your natural teeth. Each kit comes with the following items:

  • Teeth impression materials, including putty and trays
  • Detailed instructions and access to an online how-to video
  • Three temporary trays, so you can begin the whitening process without having to wait for your customized trays to arrive in the mail
  • Four large 3mL tubes of carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel in the strength of your choice (22, 35, or 44 percent strengths available)
  • A free teeth shade guide to chart to your progress
  • A pre-paid envelope to return your teeth impressions to our lab, conveniently right from your home whether you’re in San Diego, Chicago, or any other city in the nation

Your teeth whitening kit also comes with an outstanding 30-day risk-free trial period, so if you’re in any way unsatisfied with our products, you can return them for a full refund. However, most of our customers are thrilled with the amazing and immediate results that our whitening system provides. Your natural teeth are guaranteed to whiten up to 10 shades in seven to 10 days, and touch-ups may only be necessary every four to six months.

To learn more about the fastest way to a dazzling white smile, contact ProWhite Teeth today to purchase your teeth whitening kit. We proudly serve customers in Houston, Boston, Miami, Austin, and all other communities nationwide.